We Help Teams Launch Tech Products

With deep expertise in electrical, software, and cloud engineering

Computer chip being placed on a circuit board

Electrical Engineering

Nobody likes product recalls.

We build robust electronics that ensure your devices operate stably for years to come. We've built analog and digital systems ranging from ultra-low-powered to large-scale systems. We have extensive experience with managing supply chains and manufacturing, and we have close relationships with board houses to help get products built faster. From early prototypes to full-scale production, we bring experience in component selection, schematic capture, PCBA layout, and manufacturing to your project.

Firmware getting flashed to a circuit board

Embedded Software Development

We hired the biggest nerds we could find.

Our firmware "enthusiasts" have experience writing everything from time-critical RTOSes to fully-custom embedded Linux distributions with Yotco. Whether you're using a li'l baby Cortex-M0 or a beefy i.MX8, we've got folks that can help you out.

Dashboard for viewing device statistics

Operations and Fleet Management

Cool kids update their devices over-the-air.

We can help your team build slick infrastructure for securely updating and monitoring your devices. We'll help implement robust deployment workflows that fit right into your quality-control processes. And we can help you efficiently store and analyze analytics data to make effective product decisions.

Person sleeping with a book on their face

Regulatory and Compliance

We design all products with an eye towards regulatory testing. We'll help with the creation of documentation, identification of applicable standards, and iterative standards testing. For devices in regulated industries, we work with a variety of eQMS systems and can help author SOPs - from Software Lifecycle documents to validation and verification test plans. We aim to extend your quality resources without creating unnecessary duplication.

We've helped clients work towards ISO-13485, ISO-14971, ISO-60601, ISO-61010, IEC-62304, IEC 62366, Reach/RoHS, and CE Marking standards.

We're good at gritting through the dry stuff.

Designing parts in 3d modelling software

Industrial Design

We work with industry-leading mechanical engineers and industrial designers to make sure that every detail of your product benefits from relevant expert attention.

Know about Jony Ive? We couldn't get him. But we've got the next best thing.

From medical devices to consumer products to aerospace applications, our extended team brings an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge to your product. We strive to make your designs beautiful, functional, and manufacturable.

Our Full List of Expertise

We sacrified our weekends so you don't have to

Electrical Engineering

  • Circuit Design
  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout
  • Design Audits
  • Full-service Board Manufacturing

Embedded Software

  • Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Embedded Linux distributions
  • Python-based control systems
  • I2C, SPI, and USB-based device drivers
  • Code reviews

Cloud Infrastructure

  • IoT management systems
  • CI/CD piplines with Github Actions and Gitlab CI/CD
  • Automated security and functional testing
  • Infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform and AWS CDK
  • Serverless Infrastructure with AWS
  • Analytics and monitoring with PostHog and AWS CloudWatch

User Applications

  • Angular and Vue-based applications
  • Desktop and embedded Linux applications with Electron
  • User analytics and A/B testing
  • Code signing and identity management
  • Component libraries with Storybook
  • Consistent styling with Tailwind


  • Medical device regulations like ISO-13485, IEC-62366, and ISO-14971
  • Consumer device regulations like ISO-60601, ISO-61010, IEC-62304, Reach/RoHS, and CE Marking Standards
  • SOC-II Compliance
  • Google's Restricted Scopes security assessment
  • SOP generation
  • eQMS integration

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Code reviews
  • Design reviews
  • Engineering culture and team building
  • One-on-one software mentorship
  • Office Hours
  • A shoulder to cry on

Hardcore Research

  • Published authors in academic journals on staff
  • Optical/Physical design simulation